Architect Seminars of Auburn
Philip Fretwell, AIA
What is an online seminar? >
It looks like the previews.
It is a four part, captioned
PowerPoint of 700 slides
or more. We will email you
access to the seminar of
your choice and you can
watch it on a laptop from
home, or project it at your
office. Watch whenever
you want and as many
times as you want.
Online seminars come in 4
parts.  Write notes on each
part. A good reporting scheme
is to open a word document
and simply type in comments
as you encounter interesting
slides in the seminar. When
you finish, you will have what
we require as a response to
show that you have completed
the seminar. Email it to us at
It then becomes part of your
course record and credit is
How do I get Credit?  
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